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Early Years Setting

Fun & Phonics is a natural program to run in your nursery or children's centre, whether it be as an introduction, an ongoing program, or to complement and enhance the current structure.


Phonics made fun for everyone 



     Fixed price per session with a maximum of 15 children. 

     Option for parents to pay for session, with a personalised, online booking system  for your early years setting. 

     Courses are booked in 6/7 blocks to coincide with school terms or as 1 off sessions.           Call to discuss individual requirements



     Flexible program, can be tailored to work along side or introduce letters and phonics sounds

     To develop social, communication and fine motor skills.

      Learn letters, and their sounds in a fun, relaxed, environment.

      Start school with an increased ability and confidence.

      Extend children's vocabulary

      Have a positive introduction to reading and learning.


      Links to EYFS mapping, full details available on request

      Courses details and handouts provided for parents