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New Beginnings

It has been a term of new beginnings, 12 of our Phonics Superstars left us for pastures new, starting nursery or BIG school, so a massive good luck to them on their new early years journey, I am going to miss you all, but really looking forward to you coming along to our parties, to tell me all about what you have been doing. #bigschool #newbeginnings

Fun and Phonics completed their very first full term, it seems like I have been running sessions forever, because so much time and effort went in to getting our program just right.

This is James, he is my son graduating Fun and Phonics, ready to go to BIG school, and the main driving force behind the new Fun and Phonics program.

James had a difficult start in life, diagnosed at our 20week scan with congenital heart and kidney defects. James was referred to Speech and Language as he had limited vocabulary, and incorrect pronunciation of the words he did say. He was becoming so frustrated as his understanding of language was spot on, he just couldn't get out what he needed to say. Only myself, my husband and a few other close family members could understand him. I started to think about how I could help him, so I devised a preschool program to incorporate an introduction to letters and sounds so that James could come along, Fun and Phonics was born. #CHD #heartwarrior #proudmummy #mummyinbusiness

Don't get me wrong I didn't just wake up one morning and start Fun and Phonics, behind the scenes lots of research, planning and preparation went on, ready for the launch and I have not looked back, and neither has James.

James's speech has improved immensely, his interest in letters and their sounds is just wonderful to see. He is school ready, and I am a very proud Mummy.

Now 100's of children enjoy Fun and Phonics each week with their parent/carer, or in their early years setting.

Now school was out for Summer, so what do you do, have a Summer Party!

Fun and Phonics did just that. 3 full weeks of Summer Parties, they have now finished (and breath)....... which is why I have time to write my very first blog. #summerfun #blogging

Apparently blogging is the way forward so I am hoping to blog more, and even have guest blogs so if any parents or carers would like to write a guest blog post that they think our readers will love get in contact

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